In Dreams - Hands, Lips, Star, Fish Necklace

In Dreams - Hands, Lips, Star, Fish Necklace

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In folk and fairy tales the ocean features as a metaphor for the subconscious, with fish being ideas or thoughts that rise up to the surface to bring us pearls of wisdom.

The colour black is mysterious and refers to things that are hidden or secret. Red is the symbol for blood, passion and the primal life force.

Both silver and copper are metals that alchemists associated with feminine qualities. Lips are often associated with sensuality and sexuality.

Stars are heavenly bodies and are often used to represent luck, but on a darker note conjure up the spirit world.

Hands refer to the body, doing, making, practical, the here and now. When coming together they symbolise friendship, touch and love.

These exaggerated charms can be interpreted on a superficial level and simply worn for their whimsical nature, or they can be imbued with meaning for those who like to venture into the deeper waters.

Materials: patinated copper, nylon cord, magnet clasp.

The Designer 

Trained at the Royal College of Art, award winning jewellery designer Louise Seijen ten Hoorn lives and works in London where she creates one-off pieces, small production lines and commissions from her studio in Pimlico. Louise works predominantly in metal, as well as materials such as plastic, rubber, and textile to create jewellery, objects and small sculptures. We first met Louise when we showcased her magical work in our Tales Of The Subconscious exhibition in 2019.

Jewellery Care

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