The Curious Citrine Ring
The Curious Citrine Ring
The Curious Citrine Ring

The Curious Citrine Ring

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This incredible statement ring combines geometric “buds” with honey coloured hexagonal citrines, beautifully balanced to sit comfortably on the finger with perfectly finished edges which are defined but beautifully smooth to the touch, resulting in a very wearable piece. The solid silver ring is striking in an black oxidised finish which will develop over time with wear to reveal more of the silver, highlighting the shape even further.

Citrine is the birthstone of November, its warm colour is said to be a gift from the sun, making this golden gemstone the perfect option for brightening up a typically chilly autumnal month. It is also said to spark imagination and encourage fresh beginnings and prosperity. Citrine is the gem that married couples traditionally gift on their 13th wedding anniversary.

Current size is N approx, the first resize is complementary.

The Designer 

“Intrigued by the power and beauty of growth and change, I explore the unfolding of life, decay and evolvement of something new as an endless process. So fragile and yet so powerful, inexorable. My work reflects on survival and power in a man made world, based on two opposites: rational construction and the natural world.

Who survives? What will persist? Where is it going to?

I aim to analyse various moments of the interaction between two elements, that lie between integration, adaption and suppression. It is a journey from the beginning of a life to the triumph of the other: a give and take.

Swayed by these worlds and thoughts my wearable sculptures appear like poetic places, abstract landscapes or organisms from another time.” Nicole Schuster

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