Triple Tourmaline Drop Link Earrings
Triple Tourmaline Drop Link Earrings
Triple Tourmaline Drop Link Earrings

Triple Tourmaline Drop Link Earrings

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Six specially unique faceted tourmalines in rich tones of blue, teal and olive green are set in rub-over settings of sterling silver with gold vermeil. These stud earrings hang down with beautiful movement from the bottom stone, such a treat to wear!

Earring length 5.5cm - 6cm 

Tourmaline is one of the birthstones of October, and is the more durable of the two, its counterpart being opal. Tourmaline has been said to be a stone of reconciliation, a stone that fosters compassion and cool headedness, healing and friendship. It also creates a commitment towards the completion of one’s goals and is said to protect the wearer against dangers.  It is also the gem that married couples traditionally gift on their 8th wedding anniversary.

The Designer

Susan MacLeod is a Scottish jeweller with an obsession for making gorgeous painterly jewels entwined with botanical forms. Susan’s Klimt-like colour palette and loose expressive sketchbooks are such an important part of her process; you can often find her out in the wild, drawing and finding inspiration in those quiet, concentrated moments. 

Each piece of her jewellery has been individually pierced with a traditional handsaw, so no two will be the same. Susan’s love of hands-on craft skills shines through in her botanical designs that spontaneously sprout and  develop through her passion for playful sketchbooking before bringing them to life in precious metals.

"I create jewellery inspired by the beauty in our natural surroundings. From delicate petal structures to bold sea coloured opals. I like to work with precious metals through an intuitive and playful process to create unique and personal jewellery for its wearer. I have a fascination with vivid sea colours and wild botanicals, which I like to incorporate into my design process." - Susan MacLeod

Jewellery Care 

To look after your jewellery we recommend it must not be worn in the bath, shower or whilst swimming and we advise any perfume or hairspray is to be applied before putting on your jewellery to avoid contact with chemicals and cosmetics. Please remove your jewellery before engaging in practical activities such as sport. 

Please get in touch to enquire about our cleaning services and restoring surface finishes.