Celeste Treasury 'One of a kind' Double Halo Ring
Celeste Treasury 'One of a kind' Double Halo Ring
Celeste Treasury 'One of a kind' Double Halo Ring
Celeste Treasury 'One of a kind' Double Halo Ring

Celeste Treasury 'One of a kind' Double Halo Ring

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Celeste, like its stellar epithet, is both timeless in its nature and design; its textured surfaces and incandescent qualities reflect myriad colours and emotions. The rich and varied blues and greens with gold have a kaleidoscopic, luminescent beauty.

This ring has been meticulously crafted using the technique of lost wax casting, in which gemstones are set into sculpted wax, then carefully displaced with molten fair-trade 18 carat gold. The central sapphire is ethically sourced from Australia.

There is an element of mystery in the act of casting; the stones may change in colour, the texture may appear different when realised in metal. The finished result is therefore a completely unique, organically textured and one-of-a-kind piece.

The ocean is a vital and powerful source of expressive and artistic inspiration behind Celeste, which sublimely interlaces Tudor and Elizabethan aesthetics with classic romantic literature. Themes of longing, love and destiny, found amongst the pelagic drama of Austen’s Persuasion or Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, are crucial to designer Ciara Bowles innovative style; the passions of lovers or bonds of sibling-hood, separated by the fatalistic, cruel indifference of raging oceanic tempests, imbue this stunning piece with a wealth of artistic interpretation to be determined by the limitless and individual imagination of the wearer.

Fairtrade 18ct yellow gold, Australian Bi-colour sapphire, Rose cut rustic diamonds, Antique white diamonds, Brilliant cut white diamonds, Warm white baguette diamonds, Blue and green brilliant cut diamonds

Size M, please get in touch if you require a different size.

The Designer

Ciara Bowles' journey towards being a jewellery designer started from a very early age. Making things and understanding how things are made was always a fascination. By the age of 13 she had gathered together a collection of tools and had started making jewellery out of wire and drinks cans. After completing her training as a jeweller in 2012, she went on to work in the jewellery industry for world renowned jewellery brands and fashion houses - finding her feet in the London Jewellery district of Hatton Garden. 

Ciara says; 'Being brought up in London's East End, my tastes in colours and aesthetics have formed through being surrounded by a multitude of cultures, historical legends and the urban city. Inspired by the patterns and forms that I see in my native environment, I strive to create intricate fine jewellery that are luxuriously exciting and imbued with a sense of playfulness. Using colourful stones and the ancient technique of lost wax casting, the jewellery combines the old and the new – and will hopefully stand the test of time.'

Jewellery Care

To look after your jewellery we recommend it must not be worn in the bath, shower or whilst swimming and we advise any perfume or hairspray is to be applied before putting on your jewellery to avoid contact with chemicals and cosmetics. Please remove your jewellery before engaging in practical activities such as sport. 

Please get in touch to enquire about our cleaning services and restoring surface finishes.