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We are proud to showcase a fabulous, ever-changing range of contemporary jewellery from over 50 artists, so it’s always best to contact us to check if your favourite designer is currently in stock in our Islington gallery.

Ami Pepper

Amanda Coleman 

Andrew Geoghegan

Angie Boothroyd

Anna Wales

Annette Warham


Bex Bardon

Blanka Sperkova


Cara Tonkin

Catherine Hills

Ciara Bowles

Collette Waudby

Clio Saskia

Cristina Zani



Diana Porter

Disa Allsopp

Dorus Mhor


Emily Nixon

Emma Ware

Erin Claus



Gail Klevan


Hannah Bedford

Holly Belsher

Holly Suzanna Clifford

Jade Mellor

Jessica Briggs

Jo Hayes Ward

Julie Mellor

Justin Duance


Kayo Saito



Latham & Neve

Laura Ngyou

Louise Seijen ten Hoorn

Lucie Gledhill

Lucy Martin

Lynne MacLachlan


Maya Selway

Mark Nuell

Margaux Clavel

Melanie Tomlinson

Melissa Joy Manning

Mia Chicco

Mim Best



Natalie Harris

Natalie Perry 


Poppy Dandiya

Promises Promises

Pruden & Smith


Queen's Wood Studio 


Rachel Jones

Romilly Saumarez Smith

Ruth Tomlinson


Samantha Queen 

Sarah Cavender

Scarlett Cohen French


Stephanie Johnson

Sue Gregor

Susan MacLeod


Tania Clarke Hall






Zoe Sherwood 


4160 Tuesdays