Donna Brennan

Donna’s work for the past 30 years has explored a nature/artifice dichotomy, transporting stones and minerals from the realm of nature into the realm of culture. Her sculptural jewellery is hewn from 18ct Gold and hand crafted in her London studio. The traditional language of jewellery re-configured in a contemporary context, is key to her work - Tradition with a Twist!

Her work is fashioned to act as a beacon for the interplay of light. Light exploration in jewellery has been one of the key factors of her work since graduating from the prestigious RCA MA with Distinction in 2010. Sinuous organic forms writhe and twist with a perfectly imperfect assemblage of clustered precious or semi-precious stones. By clustering the stones, she is harnessing the interplay of light dispersion and refraction.

The hybrid forms in her work were originally inspired by her "Grand Tour" of Europe, as a German Academic Exchange (DAAD) scholarship holder in the 1990’s. Travelling throughout Europe was a cultural revelation, where the artistic depiction of nature in Hieronymus Bosch's, "Garden of Earthly Delights," and Antonio Gaudi's, “Park Güell” sparked a seminal awareness of the hybridisation of nature with culture. For an Australian steeped in unique nature growing up, “this was an aesthetic which deeply resonated with me, and resolutely transformed my work into a confluence of goldsmithing, art and nature”.