Esmy Jewellery

Esmy Jewellery is a London-based contemporary jewellery brand founded by Marylène Esmy. Born in France, raised in London and with a Tamil background, her identity has played a significant role in her creative journey. As a graduate from the renowned School of Jewellery in Birmingham, Esmy went onto working in London’s jewellery quarter Hatton Garden as a CAD designer where she gained further expertise in the jewellery trade. 

Esmy describes her jewellery as an exploration of cross-cultural elements through visual forms of jewellery. Inspired by the threads of her hybrid heritage, she creates modern heirlooms with a unique blend of East and West. Her jewellery often draws inspiration from the curvilinear motifs that are present in South Asian and Arabesque architectural and jewellery styles. Her contemporary take on these ornamental motifs builds the character of her pieces as she challenges the lines between western and ‘ethnic’ jewellery; turning a modern heirloom into a diasporic narrative. 

Esmy uses modern technology to give life to her pieces as she specialises in computer-aided design and 3D wax printing. Her three dimensional prints are then produced into recycled solid gold and silver heirlooms using precious metal casting techniques. She explores colour in her pieces through the use of coloured gemstones which complements yet adds contrasts to her designs.