Isla Gilham

Over fifty years ago, my Great Grandfather George made a tiara for his daughter, my Great Aunt Beryl. Silver and filigree…but with a twist; in place of precious stones, sugar coated Jelly Tots adorned the headpiece. Ever since I was young, I’ve always imagined what it would've been like: magical, colourful, fine, beautifully made, tempting, perhaps even half eaten? And so, this is where the inspiration for my collection began. 

Along the way, my love of delicious gemstones has transformed from a virtue to a vice; it has become an obsession. So much so that I imagine grabbing huge handfuls and tucking into them as if they were the most exquisite tasting sweets. My jewellery reflects this conflict. Celebrating the beauty of gemstones, sometimes left ‘untouched’ but, more often than not, telling tales of unstoppable temptation. Half-devoured gems, scatterings of gemstone crumbs, bitten bands and contorted settings.