Justin Duance

Justin Duance is based in Cornwall and gradually built up the workshop and business to where it is today. A keen surfer, Justin’s silver and gold contemporary jewellery is deeply influenced by the surrounding countryside and ocean. He is especially fascinated by the way they engage with each other – constantly conflicting, whilst paradoxically achieving a harmonic balance. Each piece of Justin’s jewellery shows the contrast between the textures of the land and sea. He does this by combining wood or sand with precious metals to give each design an elemental feel, or by texturing the metal in a way that creates a feeling of organic movement.

His sandcast collection has grown since Justin first developed the technique over six years ago; molten metal is poured directly into a mould filled with sand, giving the resulting piece an unusual and organic texture. He usually likes to use Cornish beach sand from Sennen or Carbis Bay in St Ives, creating a unique texture to the finished piece as well as a lovely individuality and personal touch.