Maya Selway

Maya Selway is a fine jewellery designer exploring the intersection between tradition and modernity. Her designs push the boundaries of traditional goldsmithing techniques, resulting in a modern-classic aesthetic, further elevated by the presence of a conceptual language that runs through every collection. The delicate balance between the technical and the conceptual has come to define her most celebrated work. Maya’s aesthetic has developed over many years and is built upon her affinity with subtle colour iterations, light, shadow, structure, and curve.

Coming from an artistic family and after creative explorations in prop making, silversmithing and sculpture, Maya has come to settle on jewellery for its ability to relate to human experience. She finds inspiration in a broad mix of art forms, from architecture and design to literature and film, as well as examples of excellent women throughout history and in contemporary culture.

Within the collections, you will see jewellery descriptions that tell stories of Maya’s own memories of people and place. Her work sights the importance of the objects we collect throughout our lives that shape our own individuality and relationship to the world. These ideas are deeply embedded within every Maya Selway piece, intended to symbolise your own journey of self-expression. In time, she hopes these precious objects will become a reflection of your identity in the past, present, and future. Maya designs and creates unique fine jewellery pieces that form the core of her collections.