Dendritic Agate Coraline Earrings
Dendritic Agate Coraline Earrings
Dendritic Agate Coraline Earrings

Dendritic Agate Coraline Earrings

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Beautifully asymmetric statement earrings featuring ethereal shapes of sterling silver, 9ct, 14ct and 18ct yellow gold, as well as diamond slices and two large teardrop dendritic agates with coral-like patterns. The diamond slices mimic the shimmering and mysterious depths of hidden coves and rockpools. These earrings sway like the tide, and the stones have a beautiful, watery translucency.

Made for the Poetry In Ocean showcase, and inspired by Maggie Wang's poem A Typology of Underwater Exploration:

"On occasion, I have dreamt of leaving for the ocean floor, 

where the sponges have built cities of their own

and learned to live without light or language. 

Since I am blind, the darkness with be no trouble, 

nor will it matter that I don't know how to swim.

In earlier centuries, fish might have accompanied me, 

but now, they lie smothered in the strata of the earth,

If those fish ever carved paths between the sponges and the seagrass, 

those paths would be overgrown by now. 

If they ever pressed their limbs into the mud at the bottom, 

the water will have sullied the prints. 

I will go alone, travel light, not plan a return journey - 

only roll down to the sea one morning with the fog

and tuck my head between the waves. 

I will let loose then and wash out with the shells, 

the beads, the messages in bottles. 

My weight will carry me beyond the continental shelf, 

past the draw of the currents close to shore. 

I will sink deeper than light could ever reach;

cold will numb the pressure against my back. 

The creatures there, not knowing my name, 

will welcome me as no one else has. 

They will make space for me on that gentle ground, 

beckon me close to share their warmth.

In their country, I will be a citizen for the first time. 

Under their roof, I will lie down to rest."

The Designer 

Laura Ngyou’s jewellery reflects a fascination for miniature worlds found within the natural landscape; from exotic jungle flora to the humble rock pool. Her obsession with geology drives her to select the most interesting and unusual gemstone specimens to compose unique settings sympathetic to their individual character. Here she re-imagines the natural landscape and dynamic crystalline structures from which it was discovered using vivid contrasts of precious metals to create sumptuous, other-worldly qualities.

The maker’s passion for travel is reflected in her work, born into a large family who span the globe from Asia to north America, she is drawn towards discovery and exploration. Intrigued by the ambiguity of form, each piece is ultimately a product of her imagination – an abstract composition which quietly provokes the observer to look more closely, reflect on journeys and the natural curiosities which have inspired her.

Jewellery Care 

To look after your jewellery we recommend it must not be worn in the bath, shower or whilst swimming and we advise any perfume or hairspray is to be applied before putting on your jewellery to avoid contact with chemicals and cosmetics. Please remove your jewellery before engaging in practical activities such as sport. 

Please get in touch to enquire about our cleaning services and restoring surface finishes.