Acrylic Murmuration Earrings
Acrylic Murmuration Earrings
Acrylic Murmuration Earrings
Acrylic Murmuration Earrings

Acrylic Murmuration Earrings

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Statement earrings with oxidised silver and painted details. The acrylic is carved and polished to give it texture, and then each tiny sweeping detail is hand carved and filled with coloured resin. Handmade for the Poetry In Ocean showcase and inspired by an extract from the poem 'Blakeney Marshes' by Louise Walker:

‘Vast Clouds process in state 

Towards the distant sea;

Starlings swirl through

Dusk like ink in water’ 

‘The soft border between wake and sleep'

"The intention for these pieces was to capture a sense of wonder that you feel at the sun setting over the sea. Louise’s poem 'Blakeney Marshes’ conjures up for me the gentle glow of clouds and light reflecting across the water, birds passing over.  I have always been interested in the movement of starling murmurations, and so this naturally played into the design. I have explored soft edges of carving and sweeping lines, using resin, acrylic and brushed silver to find the reflection and inky colours of a starling murmuration on an ocean dusk horizon." -Emmeline Hastings 

The Designer 

With her roots in art and sculpture, Emmeline Hastings combines unexpected and contrasting materials from her UK studio. Utilising her individual and original techniques of hand carving acrylics and resins and embedding them with metallic elements she creates striking, beautiful and contemporary wearable sculpture. 

Her pieces capture an aliveness, fleeting moments; free flowing and rippling textures. Her ephemeral jewels reveal naturalistic forms, surfaces dotted bristling with glittering metallic elements that shift and change with perspective.  An unmistakable aesthetic with mysterious patterns of gold and silver seemingly organic to the form. 

“All of my work shares an ephemeral quality while being eminently wearable. I create mysterious miniature landscapes through a unique visual language. I hope to make associations with varying natural phenomenon through this individual making process.”

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