Ammonite Coastal Pin
Ammonite Coastal Pin
Ammonite Coastal Pin

Ammonite Coastal Pin

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Ammonite brooch made with sterling silver, 18ct yellow gold, grey diamonds and tiny pearls, made specially for our Poetry In Ocean showcase. 

"Many people have their own favourite beach and mine is on Anglesey. I have known this beach for 60 years and have seen it in all weathers. Recently I’ve been working with ammonites (ancient sea creatures themselves) and these particular ones reminded me of sand pitted with heavy raindrops. At the top, where the tentacles would have emerged, I have made a wave breaking over a steely sea." - Romilly Saumarez Smith

Inspired by this haiku by Daphne Astor:

"planktonic creature

of sand pitted with raindrops

sea’s lifetime and light"

Ammonites from the Cretaceous period, about 200 million years ago, fossilised in chalcedony and agate. There were thousands of different kinds and they lived in shallow oceans (400 m). They are thought to have become extinct, along with the dinosaurs, after the catastrophe of a huge meteor hitting the Earth. 

The Designer 

Romilly Saumarez Smith is a jeweller who works in her own particular way: she is no longer able to make pieces using her own hands due to a neurological condition. instead he enlists the help of five other jewellers to make her work and her 'hands'. They are known as Romilly’s trusted “translators” because of their ability to bring Romilly’s designs to life through conversation only, drawing her creations as she describes them. Together they have developed a vocabulary of evocative names such as “weeds with roots” to explain the components and techniques used. This dynamic process cultivates Romilly’s recognisable aesthetic, developed in her original work. Patina is very important as well and not something you can plan too carefully for, but there is great satisfaction when something brilliant and untoward happens. Romilly's works maintain an awareness of the organic nature of making, applauding the natural world that constantly does it better. 

Jewellery Care 

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