Sapphire Furbelow Bay Ring
Sapphire Furbelow Bay Ring
Sapphire Furbelow Bay Ring

Sapphire Furbelow Bay Ring

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An 18ct yellow gold twisting ring with a blue Montana pear shaped natural sapphire made specially for our Poetry In Ocean showcase. 

"Living by the sea has shaped my work for over twenty years. Tendrils of seaweed hang above my workbench, drying in twisted ribbons. I swim everyday, the world beneath the waves an ever changing myriad of sapphire hues. Working with my hands, I mould each design first in wax, using tools I pick up along the tideline - the texture of pebbles, shells and seaweed is embedded into every piece. My intention is to create designs that appear naturally formed, as if shaped by the sea. Gemstones and diamonds are scattered in perfect pools; the sun's glitter on the ocean’s surface."

Inspired by an extract of the poem Seaweed by Louise Walker:

"the sea wears a gown
trimmed with green weed lace
so each sweep of her skirts
scatters notions on the beach"

The Designer

Emily Nixon's work is greatly shaped by living in West Cornwall. Beach finds are tools in the process of her making. "I love the fabric-like twists and folds of seaweed; the diversity in the contours of pebbles; the weathered character of flotsam I see washed up along the shore. This dichotomy of the precious and the organic – special stones encircled by sea-worn fragments of gold – characterises so much of my inspiration. At the heart of my work remains the sculpture and tapestry of my early fine art practice."

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