Marine Filament Heart On A Chain
Marine Filament Heart On A Chain
Marine Filament Heart On A Chain

Marine Filament Heart On A Chain

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A 3D printed heart on an 18 inch sterling silver chain.

The heart is a symbol most recognised for love. This collection reminds the wearer of love for oneself, and to inspire all other types of love, connection and unity. When you lift the Heart Slice up to the light you can see 3D printed waves trapped inside the hearts, a nod to its previous life in the ocean.

Made from 3D printed Marine Filament which is 100% recycled fishing nets, sourced from around the UK coast lines. The material is the first fully recycled nylon filament that is completely circular, meaning a Closed Loop Product and Production (endlessly recyclable). Each piece is 3D printed using recycled ethically sourced discarded and reclaimed (including ‘ghost nets’) fishing net found in and around Cornwall.
This is then made into a 3D printing Marine filament called ‘Porthcurno’ which is the highest quality blend of marine nylon filament produced by the innovative producers Fishy Filament, based in Penzance, Cornwall UK.

Zoe is proud to be able to use Marine Filament, recycling a potential harmful waste product into beautiful statement conversational accessories that are completely made in England, designed to start a conversation and help ‘Save’ our ‘Earth’.

The Designer 

Londoner Zoe Sherwood is an artistic designer. Her mother, a seamstress and her father’s interest in graphic design enabled Zoe’s passion and creativity to thrive from a young age. 

Zoe interprets the world around her into unique sculptural and conversational adornments, jewellery and accessories showing these for the first time in 2015 at London Fashion Week. She is inspired by the journey of life and uses words to tell these stories and creates visual patterns. 

Zoe believes in embracing who you are and what you stand for. The idea of self empowerment and love is reinforced in narratives that run throughout her work and in a poem Zoe wrote in 2009 and stands by:

“I am one of many

I am one of few

I am an individual

Just like you.”

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