Ombre Double Slink Snake Ring
Ombre Double Slink Snake Ring

Ombre Double Slink Snake Ring

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With its flowing silhouette and exotic texture, the double slink ring takes detail from the Green Cat Snake (Boiga cynea) and is inspired by the effortless way snakes weave their way through the jungle. This two-finger ring in 18ct yellow gold is embellished with hand-selected untreated sapphires to create a natural ombré colour effect.

Small coil fits approximate ring size K 1/2, larger coil fits approximate ring size O 1/2

The Designer

Clio Saskia is a designer and maker of exotic animal-inspired fine jewellery bringing weird and wonderful treasures to life. Vivacious and characterful jewellery reveals aspects of our personalities, sharing unspoken elements of identity with the world. In Clio's creations natural textures combine with intense colours to create vibrant miniature artworks, celebrating unexpected creatures found deep under the sea and high up in the jungle canopy.

Defying conventions of traditional jewellery design and perfecting a uniquely detailed and playful aesthetic, Clio Saskia creations are instantly recognisable. In joining a rich history of animal inspired jewellery across the globe, Clio's dream was to find a new voice and share a fresh perspective on this age-old tradition.

Jewellery Care

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