Opal Jellybean and Diamond Halo Spectrum Necklace
Opal Jellybean and Diamond Halo Spectrum Necklace
Opal Jellybean and Diamond Halo Spectrum Necklace

Opal Jellybean and Diamond Halo Spectrum Necklace

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This one-of-a-kind multi-coloured semi-black opal & diamond Spectrum necklace features a stunning Australian opal set in 18ct yellow gold and surrounded by a multitude of pink, orange, purple, yellow, green, blue and champagne diamonds that match and mirror the flashes of colour within the stone. The chain is mix of 18ct yellow and 18ct red gold to reflect the stones colours, measuring 17 inches long.

Opal, the birthstone of October, represents confidence, faith, and hope. People who have it as their birthstone have a certain magnetism, which helps them make friends very easily. Opals were considered among the most magical of gemstones. Because of their highly desirable play of colours and stunning natural attributes, the opal was highly valued and coveted, and used to be considered the stone of kings. It is also the stone given to celebrate 14 years of marriage.

The Designer

Since completing her MA in 2018 from London’s prestigious Royal College of Art, Rachel Jones has continued to research and experiment with gold in order to create bespoke colours and alloys of gold.

Working from her studio in London, Rachel creates one of a kind pieces made from her own alloyed gold combined with special hand selected gemstones.

Over the past decade, Rachel Jones has gained experience in many aspects of the jewellery industry from working for notable jewellers Lin Cheung, Ruth Tomlinson, Mark Nuell and Romilly Saumarez Smith to teaching and consulting at Bishopsland Educational Trust.

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