Pettycur Enamel Necklace
Pettycur Enamel Necklace
Pettycur Enamel Necklace
Pettycur Enamel Necklace
Pettycur Enamel Necklace

Pettycur Enamel Necklace

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Sterling silver, sea pebbles and muted tones of enamel are combines in this beautiful 30 inch necklace by Grace Girvan for our Poetry In Ocean showcase.

"In my work, the sea and shore have always been my main sources of inspiration.  I collect pebbles, shells and driftwood from the shore and these objects inform composition, texture and colour.  The sea offers me a sense of calm and serenity and I hope that I translate something of that experience through my jewellery. 

The piece I have selected for Poetry in Ocean is a necklace titled Pettycur.  Pettycur is a bay close to my home which is strewn with driftwood, pebbles and cockle shells."

Inspired by the poem Pebble by Louise Walker:

"At the far end of the wide strand
shifting banks of cobbles tumble,
rattle over scrambling feet;
at this end, scattered jewels stud
the gleaming shore, as the tide

The stones will dry
in seconds to salt-crusted grey
just as fresh conkers surrender
their rich-grained gloss to shrivel
on my shelf.

I never learn, but choose
one, to hold this day’s cool
weight in my hand: one moment
the sea cannot grind to sand"

The Designer

Grace Girvan was born and brought up in Orkney. She moved to Edinburgh in the late nineties to study jewellery and silversmithing at Edinburgh College of Art, and now lives and works on the coast in Fife. Collecting and studying objects found on the shoreline is the starting point in Grace's creative process. The objects inform the colours, textures and compositions of the jewellery. Pebbles are combined with silver and enamel to create beautiful, distinctive jewellery. The use of subtle, translucent enamels depict the sun bleached colours observed on the shoreline.

Jewellery Care

To look after your jewellery we recommend it must not be worn in the bath, shower or whilst swimming and we advise any perfume or hairspray is to be applied before putting on your jewellery to avoid contact with chemicals and cosmetics. Please remove your jewellery before engaging in practical activities such as sport. 

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