Red Fox Brooch
Red Fox Brooch

Red Fox Brooch

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Foxes represent quiet observation, listening, patience, and calculated risk-taking. They have mastermind energy, which allows them to achieve success at anything they put their mind too with their intelligence, creativity, and flexibility. They are cunning creatures, that seem to carry a sense of mystical pride and cunning knowledge as it scurries through the forest.

Size: 6.2cm x 4.8cm

Material : Cotton, Felt, Metal, Sequins & Beads; Hand embroidered.

The Designer

Based out of Delhi and Arizona, founders & sisters, Dhruti & Seema design, distribute and head this women owned venture. With a natural inclination and passion towards the use of premium materials, good design and quality work, they instill the same passion at every stage of the label's journey. 

"Featuring flora and fauna of this wonderful world, it’s brilliant colours, complex textures and delicate forms, our designs are a homage to the endless beauty that surrounds us. Our line of handcrafted brooch pins are like little pieces of art. Mini-sculptures, perched only a few inches, these timeless mementos are markers in your journey of memories, a signature of your style."

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