Found in Translation Jewellery Exhibition at Gill Wing Jewellery for London Craft Week

Anna Wales Exhibition Found in Translation Laura Ngyou London Craft Week Lucie Gledhill Rachel Jones Romilly Saumarez Smith

Found in Translation Jewellery Exhibition 

at Gill Wing Jewellery for London Craft Week

30th September - 18th October 2020



Gill Wing Jewellery is delighted to announce that we’ll be holding a special jewellery exhibition in our Islington gallery as part of London Craft Week 2020. The event celebrates the unique qualities of handmade jewellery. We’ll be featuring the individual work of five artisan jewellers, connected by a special working relationship. This event is going to be one of a kind, so not to be missed by jewellery lovers.

To give some background, in precious jewellery most goldsmiths create using the same materials: gold, silver, platinum and precious gems. However, each jeweller will have their own unique way of translating these materials into their recognisable style, or “voice”, as an artist.

The central figure that links this exhibition is the jeweller Romilly Saumarez Smith, who is no longer able to make pieces using her own hands due to a neurological condition. The four other jewellers - Lucie Gledhill, Anna Wales, Laura Ngyou and Rachel Jones - have joined her team over the years to help make her work. They are known as Romilly’s trusted “translators” because of their ability to bring Romilly’s designs to life through conversation only, drawing her creations as she describes them. Together they have developed a vocabulary of evocative names such as “weeds with roots” to explain the components and techniques used. This dynamic process cultivates Romilly’s recognisable aesthetic, developed in her original work. 

Found in Translation brings to you five individual jewellery collections along with a glossary of words, describing techniques and processes found in these pieces. This exhibition will share a rare glimpse into the personal lexicon used by these jewellers to create their work.  

You can take a look by visiting our gallery from 30th September – 18th October and also by tuning into our live videos on Instagram.

Found in Translation exhibition at Gill Wing Jewellery, 182 Upper Street, Islington, London, N1 1RQ. 30th September - 18th October 2020

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