Meet the Maker with Clio Saskia

Thank you to all who attended our Meet the Maker evening with Clio Saskia. We had been really looking forward to putting on our special showcases and exhibitions again, and this was our first event since the pandemic, which made this evening extra special!

Clio has transformed our window display with a selection of sketches, wax models and tools, giving us an exciting insight into the maker's processes.

Our sunny Islington garden was the perfect setting for Clio to set up a table of gemstones and jewellery, and we welcomed our guests to sit and chat with her about her jewellery journey and mining the sapphires and zircons in Australia.

"All my jewellery starts as a block of wax. My background is in contemporary sculpture, I started with making 45kg bronze sculptures of Grecian busts. Really my love is for psychology and peoples' interactions with things, so that brought me to jewellery. Most of the processes I learnt like wax carving, clay, mould making and lost-wax casting are all transferable to jewellery so it’s a really nice process for me. It’s much more intimate, and I like learning
about people and creating something that reflects their personality."

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