Wear secret symbols and send hidden meanings with botanical flower engraved signet rings

 Yellow gold signet ring by Erin Claus with dandelion engraving

We are so excited to bring you the beautiful botanical designs of Erin Claus all the way from New York as a U.K exclusive for Gill Wing Jewellery! 

We curated a selection of our favourite botanical rings, pendants and stud earrings from the iconic designer's silver and fine gold collection. We only have one of each design so get them while you can!


We felt Erin is a kindred spirit with us here at Gill Wing and we're so happy to be her U.K stockist. The New York designer’s botanical motifs bring a little nature to our everyday, even more important when living in the city. By giving the traditional signet ring and pendants a sleek modern makeover, these designs are perfect for a nature loving minimalist, or for those who prefer to curate a mix of styles. The engraved details and smooth shapes will nestle neatly alongside your own vintage collection too as future heirlooms.silver pendant with fern engraved motif by erin claus


About the collection

Pendants - the engraved dainty silver pendants are on an 18 inch chain, both pretty and practical. The perfect length to wear everyday and also layer up with shorter and longer pendants. 


Earrings - the solid gold studs are a perfect size for a neat everyday earring. Handmade in 14ct gold they are great for sensitive ears.



  • Classic signet rings are a slightly larger style for more impact. They are versatile and unisex.
  • Petite signet rings are stackable to curate your own collection
  • Mini signet rings are perfect for any finger and great as pinkie rings if you ensure a good tight fit


Ring Resizing

 If you need a ring resized, please email us once you have placed your order for the ring you wish to buy with the size you need. If you are not sure what size you need, we can send you a complimentary ring sizer once you place your order.

Resizing is £20 and can take around 7-14 working days.


The Language of Flowers

We have gathered some symbolic meanings associated with the plants and flowers featured in the engraved collection from Erin Claus. Find your own significance in these sweet designs, for yourself or your loved ones.



The bird is symbolic of freedom, eternal life, connecting heaven and earth.


The daisy is a symbol of beauty, innocence, cheer, playfulness, creativity, forever young, gentleness.


Dandelions are a symbol of faithfulness, happiness, prosperity, good wishes.


Eucalyptus leaves are symbols of purification, healing, protection


A fern symbolises confidence, dreams, magic, reverie, shelter, sincerity, wisdom, health, luck, magic, riches, protection, “dream of thee”, sincerity, humility, bonds of love


Lavender is a symbol of faithfulness, faith, devotion, humility, love, constancy, charm against the evil eye, business, communication, creativity, expansion, happiness, healing, protection.

Olive branch 

An olive branch is a traditional symbol of peace, fertility, healing, protection.


Peonies are a symbol of bravery, compassion, honour, good fortune and happy marriage, happy life, prosperity, exorcism, healing protection of mind, body, soul.


Poppies are symbolic for those you are fun loving and also love, clear thinking, harmony, heal wounds inflicted by love, light and dark, magic, fruitfulness, imagination, dreams.


The rose is a symbol of balance, beauty, carrier of secrets and understanding, equilibrium, hope, healing, strength through silence.


A rosebud is a sweet symbol of innocence, love, beauty, purity.


Rosemary scent is traditionally said to aid the memory but it also can symbolise affectionate remembrance, fidelity, friendship, love, restore balance of domestic power, vitality mental powers, protection from illness, repel nightmares.


The tall, golden sunflower is a strong symbol of ambition, constancy, devotion, good luck, inspiration, nourishment, opportunity, strength, vitality, warmth

Tea Plant

A tea plant and it's leaves are symbolic for young sons and daughters, courage, healing, strength, prosperity, riches. 


Trees are an ancient symbol of knowledge, courage, strength, family.


Tulip bulbs were once more precious and highly prized than the rarest jewels. Tulip flowers symbolise romance, declaration of love, aspiration, charity, determination, dreaminess, fame, imagination, opportunity, spring, spiritual awareness


Wildflowers are a joy to all, they symbolise the free spirit, independent thinker, happiness, optimism.




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